Why do we deserve your business?

1. We give a meaningful advantage to our customers.

Simple: We make their lives better minute by minute by uncluttering the usual noise of POS features - it really is a kick-ass great system for all your staff to use.

Focus: Supporting your instinct by giving insight into the individual and collective customer situation for better decision making.

Profit: Get to the facts on what items are really moving the business forward 

2. Our pricing is fair.

We're proud that our customer base has chosen us. They are successful enough that the nominal price for any given POS system is no object. 

They could have bought any POS system out there no problem.

Nevertheless, we're still on the lower end of the price spectrum for 'full-feature' retail POS. 

For a $60/mo, no obligation, complete use of the software, product - it can't be beat. Look around.

3. We are trying to do goodness.

The best part for us (you and us) is that we designed it so that we don't need to charge an arm and a leg for excellent software. No cigar-chomping VCs breathing down our necks to make them more money (just husbands, wives and cigar-chomping children!).


Seriously though, twenty years of pushing the boundaries of POS web technology gives us the edge in this space.


We don't spend money on advertising. So if you stumbled onto Quetzal and got this far into our website, that is a rare event. Welcome.




4. One-world pricing.


Well designed software is super efficient. Today, the Quetzal platform provides transactions and data storage for our customers for minuscule amounts of energy costs. This is thanks to the technology we use which is unique in the industry.


This allows us all to live in an environment where everyone can use the tools best suited for their success. In the case of Quetzal, many of our worldwide customers pay in rough accordance to their economic clout. This means that for example, today, Africans pay way less than Europeans or North Americans to use Quetzal. Someday, everyone will pay equal amounts.