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  • Best POS Solutions for Your Business

    An iPad POS Solution Packed with Powerful Features for Boutiques

    When it comes to operating a boutique retail operation, it is critical to have an intuitive point of sale solution that works with your business, rather than one which makes your business work for your POS.

    Quetzal Point of Sale was created to be the best POS solution available for small to medium retail businesses. Originally designed for fashion, our software has evolved into so much more, with features that allow you to turn a single purchase into a powerful data point, and one-time buyer into lifelong customer.

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    Why Pick Quetzal?

    • Forward-thinking boutique shop owners love our software because it does everything they need and more. Our user-friendly software is loaded with powerful features and tools that empower you to run your store more effectively and efficiently.

      Here are just a few of the reasons why transitioning to Quetzal is a wise decision:

    • Quetzal is packed with smart analytics that can drastically increase your profitability. Our tools can let you know which items are trending, which items are running low, and which items can be sold at a discount.

    • The best POS solutions make your day-to-day easier not more complicated. While Quetzal is robust, but it’s also intuitive and easy to use.

    • We designed our cloud-based software specifically with small boutiques in mind and specifically for the iPad—with offline capabilities to keep you going, regardless of internet connection.

    • Our software supports leading payment processors, giving you the flexibility to choose the one with the best rates.

    • Customizable loyalty programs give you the power to decide how you want to incentivize your best customers.

    • Our software integrates with Mailchimp so you can send personalized marketing emails to your customer base.

    • Our solution integrates easily with your Shopify e-commerce store to seamlessly track inventory you sell online and in your brick and mortar outlets.

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