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  • The Best Boutique POS Point of Sale Software

    Designed Specifically with the Specialty Boutique Store Owner in Mind

    Today’s successful businesses recognize the importance of incorporating the right technology. In a retail setting, the boutique POS point of sale software you depend on is the heart of your business, so choosing the best one is key. After all, not all POS systems are the same, and many have unique features that are tailored for specific industries.

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    An Innovative POS Solution

    • Whether you’re on the hunt for the best possible boutique POS point of sale software so you can open a brand new store, or you’re a forward-thinking store owner looking to upgrade an outdated system, we can help.

      Our cutting-edge solution is designed to elevate your fashion boutique (or other specialty retail store) by incorporating exceptional features you simply won’t find on other iPad POS systems:

    • Cloud-based system offers the ability to be used offline for offsite sales

    • Seamless webstore integration

    • Marketing tools, including customer tracking and Mailchimp integration

    • Can be used in up to 10 locations

    • Sales and inventory management tools, including suggestions on what to buy and when to put certain items on sale

    • Integration with most of leading payment processors

    • Buying trends and other analytics empower you to make informed choices

    • Designed specifically for the iPad, our software is also optimized for use on your laptop or desktop web-browser

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