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  • Designed For Clothing Retailers

    The Best Clothing Point of Sale Solution

    A Point of Sale System Designed for Your Clothing Boutique

    Quetzal POS was created specifically as a clothing point of sale solution for independent apparel retailers.

    We know that chunky scarves and printed blouses are not the same thing as a latte and a bagel, which is why we’ve tailored our sophisticated, yet stylish POS software to work for clothing retailers. Our clothing point of sale system focuses on the issues and metrics that make your boutique business unique, doing away with features meant for service based businesses that would otherwise slow you down and complicate the software.

    Quetzal POS focuses on tracking metrics that matter to you. With our clothing point of sale solution, you can generate reports for what sizes and colors sell best, or run analytics to find your most popular cardigan last fall. Our software features a comprehensive, intelligent size and color matrix, with 30 sizes and 30 colors, so tracking the nuances of your shop is as easy as possible.

    Our focused solution helps you concentrate on your business without getting lost in reports that aren’t relevant for clothing point of sale. Our intelligent interface minimizes mistakes, so managing your boutique has never been simpler.

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    Big Box Technology for Your Clothing Boutique

    Focused Features

    • Offline Processing

      Quetzal POS lets you take your POS anywhere. Make transactions and manage your business on or off the grid. Offline transactions operate flawlessly, unlike almost every competitor of ours. This is a significant advantage, allowing you to run smoothly even in times of slow or no internet connection.

    • Integrated e-commerce

      Integrating your online store into your clothing brick and mortar is easy with Shopify.

    • Customer Tracking

      Quetzal POS stores customer information and shopping history in real time, from all locations, so you can better serve your boutique patrons.

    • Up to 10 Locations

      Quetzal POS is perfect for all small fashion businesses, whether you own half dozen boutiques, or a single mom and pop or owner operated shop. Stay on top of all your locations’ inventory and sales numbers with one comprehensive clothing point of sale system.

    • Inventory & Sales Management

      Our clothing point of sale system lets you see what you are selling, how quickly you are selling it, and what you should stock up on for your next purchase order.

    • Integrated Payments

      Quetzal POS is compatible with multiple payment processors for straight-forward, secure EMV transactions. Shop around for the best credit card rates, so you’re not stuck with a single, high-rate payment option.

    • Analytics & Buying Trends

      Our comprehensive data analytics help you track past sale trends, so you can plan your purchasing for better profit margins and greater sell-thru performance.

    • Designed for the iPad

      We know we can prove that the iPad is the best platform for retailers. That’s why every part of our cloud based clothing point of sale system is accessible via iPad app, so you can literally run your business with the touch of a finger.

      Obviously, we have a web-browser version for some back office functionality, but depending on your requirements, you may only ever interact with our iPad POS app.

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    At every level of app design, Quetzal stands above its competitors, from the way it implements the functions you know you need to the way it gives you features you didn’t know you wanted.