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    The Best Mobile Retail POS System Available

    Quetzal is proud to compete with the biggest and best known mobile POS systems out there. Quetzal isn't for everybody and we want to make sure that you get the right POS for your operation - we only want a good fit.

    We are a small, lean, team that strives to ensure that every customer is able to thrive with Quetzal.

    Quetzal POS has more unique features designed for boutique retail businesses than any other mobile POS system on the market. Between our simple, no-hassle pricing plan, our innovative cloud based iPad design, and our powerful analytics tools, see why Quetzal has surpassed the competition to become the best retail POS system available.


    Quetzal Quetzal logo Vend HQ Vend HQ Lightspeed Retail Lightspeed Retail Quickbooks POS Quickbooks POS Bindo POS Bindo POS Shopify POS Shopify POS
    One-store software license monthly fee $75 $85 $99 $125 $150 $79
    Additional charges for terminals/users $0 $35 $0 $125 $0 $0
    Roughly equivalent pricing $75 $120 $99 $250 $150 $79
    Exclusive focus on apparel/shoes
    Full off-line transactions
    Multi-store option
    Clothing/shoe matrix
    No PC/Mac required for back-office
    Spreadsheet and graphical reporting views
    Advanced reporting with business intelligence
    Integrated barcode label printing
    Automatic barcode creation
    iPad and web-browser identical interface
    Employee performance leaderboard
    International: taxes, currency and language
    Easy setup

    Know Your Customers

    Build relationships with your customers using our advanced customer profiles. Our mobile POS system will keep track of individual customer’s buying habits, logging the sizes, colors, vendors, and materials they purchase. It can even create a word cloud on a customer’s profile to help you visualize their buying behavior.

    With this information literally at your fingertips, you can track your customers’ purchase history and create a more personalized shopping experience advantages that will help you establish and maintain a long-term relationship.

    iPad Point of Sale
    Quetzal POS App Close-up

    Loyalty Program

    Our mobile POS system features an advanced customer loyalty program with adaptable settings controlled entirely by you. Create a customized loyalty program to award single, double, or triple points for certain products or specials. Customers can convert these points into dollars and pay with points at the time of purchase. It’s simple, creates loyal customers—and it’s all under your control.

    Check Your Customer’s
    Vital Signs

    Dial in on the retail vitals: who is buying, what are they buying, and how much are they buying. As the best retail POS system on the market, our flexible software lets you find your top customer by vendor, brand, category, or any tag—similar to a hashtag for items—that you’ve entered into our solution so that you can create specific promotions and customer rewards to boost loyalty and long-term profits.

    Target Your Marketing

    Our Customer Account profiles make targeted marketing strategies simple. Our mobile POS system integrates with Mailchimp, allowing you to create and send an email campaign about your spring collection of strappy sandals specifically to your clients who are always on the lookout for a cool pair of kicks. Quetzal is the best retail POS system for tracking individual customer shopping habits, which makes tailoring your promotional material a breeze.

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