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  • The Best EMV POS Point of Sale Software System

    A Powerful POS Solution Compatible with Smart Chips

    Successful business owners realize the importance of technology, and in any retail setting, this is especially true. If you run a fashion boutique, retail brick and mortar, or other specialty store, it is critical to have an EMV POS point of sale software system that offers safe, reliable transactions and intelligent, intuitive analytics to stay way ahead of the competition.

    Quetzal POS is designed specifically with forward-thinking small to medium business owners in mind providing you with the tools you want and the dependability you need.

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    Why Use Quetzal Software?

    • Not all POS software is the same, and using the right one makes a huge difference. Our cloud-based solution has been designed for the iPad, but works seamless with your browser-based laptop and desktop as well.

      Here are just a few of the tools our robust EMV POS point of sale software system has to offer:

    • Integrates successfully with your Shopify e-commerce store to expand your business online.

    • Supports the leading payment processors so you can shop around for the best rates from the most secure platforms available.

    • Powerful marketing tools and analytics help you to make informed business decisions and connect with your target market, keeping track of inventory, buying trends, and customer behavior.

    • Software can be used offline, making it easy to process sales even if there is little or no internet connection.

    • Software can be used in multiple locations, so you can keep several stores up and running simultaneously.

    • Mailchimp integration allows you to market to your customers more effectively.

    • Innovative tagging system gives you the power to categorize, organize, and easily search through your inventory.

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    All of the features in the world won’t make a difference if you’re not comfortable on the platform. Fortunately, we’ve designed this software to be intuitive and a joy to use. Watch our free demo now, and see why today’s
    leading boutique owners choose Quetzal POS.

    For more information on our EMV POS point of sale software system, just give us a call. For sales inquiries, call us at 760-783-5000, and for all other inquiries, call 760-870-1206. The POS system you use every day directly affects your long-term success, so make the right choice. Upgrade your business with Quetzal Point of Sale today.