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  • Quetzal POS FAQs

    Does Quetzal POS support my business?
    Quetzal POS is the best POS system for speciality retail stores with one or more locations. While Quetzal POS was originally built for fashion, the features and design have been optimized to apply to a variety of small-to-medium sized specialty retailers, such as toy stores and bookstores.
    Can I run Quetzal POS on my Android tablet?
    Quetzal POS can only be run on a Apple iPad (all versions that support 10.0 or greater iOS). Quetzal POS is also available through your web browser.
    What receipt printers does Quetzal POS support?
    We support almost all network receipt printers from Epson and Star Micronics.
    What label printers does Quetzal POS support?
    We support label printers from Zebra, Epson and Star Micronics. Our preferred label printer is the Zebra ZD410 (Bluetooth or network versions).
    Can I use any Bluetooth barcode scanner?
    Any Bluetooth barcode scanners can be used to add items to the register. We support 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes. We do recommend the Socket Mobile 7Ci models.
    Does Quetzal POS require that you have an iPad to perform all functions?
    Yes, Quetzal POS and its primary device is an iPad, but you can access and manage the solution from a Mac or PC.
    What kind of iPad do I need?
    Quetzal POS requires an iPad that can support iOS 10.0 or greater.
    Can I use my iPhone to conduct sales?
    At this time, you’re not able to use your iPhone for POS. We are looking into this and hope to provide something very soon. You can access our Dashboard App with your iPhone to see some basic daily details.
    Do I need internet to use Quetzal POS?

    While using Quetzal POS, you can perform every single action offline. You’re able to take sales, run reports, update inventory and have all changes saved locally. Once your iPad is back online, all changes and sales are then saved to the cloud.

    All payments require an internet connection to process, so this limitation will depend on your processor. Quetzal POS supports about 20 processors.

    Where are your offices?
    We have offices in Canada and Southern California. With multiple offices on several coasts, our team is able to assist your store no matter what time zone you are in.
    Can you come set up my store?
    At this time, our team is not able to come to your store to set up Quetzal POS. We do make sure that our team is available by email, phone or web conference to assist you at any time. With our friendly and knowledgeable support team and our intuitive application design, connecting equipment is extremely easy, so you can stay focused on your business.
    Is there an annual fee?
    Quetzal POS does not require you to pay any annual fee. You will only pay the monthly subscription for every location you have utilizing Quetzal POS. We can offer Quetzal POS on a yearly pricing model, which tends to reduce the yearly total cost by about 20%. Please note that with every location, you get 5 lanes.
    What are your support hours?
    Our support team is able to assist you Monday through Friday from 7am PST to 6pm PST. Our team is available 24 hours a day on nights, weekends and holidays for all emergency services, as well.
    Can I use the same payment processor that I’m using now?
    You can generally use your current payment processor once signed up with Quetzal POS. We support about 20 different processors, so please inquire if you have any questions about received payments, gift cards and store credit.
    How does Quetzal POS integrate with my eCommerce site?
    If your store has a Shopify site, or you would like one, our support team will walk you through the simple process of integrating your Quetzal POS with your eCommerce site. WooCommerce is coming in the near future, as well.
    Do you sell any equipment?
    Quetzal POS does offer several affordable equipment packages that will make onboarding much easier. It will also help you keep your money in your wallet.
    Does Quetzal POS perform currency conversion rates?
    No matter what form of currency your store accepts, you can use Quetzal POS. We support 8 currencies, so please inquire if you have a question about one in particular. Quetzal POS does not perform conversions for multiple forms of currency.
    Can I put my logo on receipts?
    Yes, you can upload your logo and have it appear on all sales, gift receipts, and emailed receipts.
    Can I email receipts to my customers?
    Yes, you can email customers a copy of a receipt. Quetzal POS also allows you to save that email address for marketing and purchase history purposes.

    Can I import my existing customers into Quetzal POS?
    Yes, if you have a list of customers with contact information and notes, our support team will be able to import this information into your Quetzal POS. We can also import the amount the total lifetime purchase amounts too.
    Is there a limit on how many items I can store in Quetzal POS?
    No, Quetzal POS is able to grow with your business and cover all of its needs. We do not have a cap on how many items you can list in your Inventory.
    Can you print reports directly from Quetzal POS?
    Most reports that we have available for review can be exported to your email or a cloud-based storage program. For our daily reports of sales, can either print a daily summary report or reprint a specific transaction.
    Do you support multiple languages?
    Quetzal POS is currently available in 10 different languages, giving you the ability to use Quetzal POS all around the world. Just ask if you have a question about a language in particular.
    Can I use my existing labels or do I have to print all new labels?
    Yes, you have the freedom to print new labels or use the labels from your vendor or previous point of sale system.
    Can I exempt certain taxes on transactions?
    Yes, you have the option to exempt certain taxes on a single transaction or tax exempt certain items for every transaction.
    Can previous receipts be re-printed after the transaction is completed?
    Previous receipts can be re-printed and emailed to customers.
    Am I able to send out email blasts for marketing purposes directly from Quetzal POS?
    Quetzal POS will have an upcoming integration with MailChimp, allowing you to email all your customers for marketing purposes.
    What are tags and how can I use them?

    A tag is a descriptor for any aspect you wish to describe about a product or item. A tag can be anything from a category a product fits in, or the name of a vendor you use. Tags can be used to track aspects of sales, consignment and purchase habits of customers.

    When you use the tagging system to organize your items, Quetzal POS gives you the ability to see, in real time, personal insight about your customers and what they buy in your store. Tags are also used to filter lists quickly.

    How secure is Quetzal POS?
    Your data is all safely backed up and stored in AWS (Amazon Cloud Services). There are many layers of protectors in place to ensure that you data is safe and sound.
    Does Quetzal POS track store credit and gift cards?
    Yes, Quetzal POS has full gift card and store credit capabilities built right into the app. No more processing fees or lost cards.
    What is the maximum amount of customers I’m able to track on Quetzal POS?
    You can track an unlimited amount of customers on Quetzal POS. Using your customer database you can track store credit, birthdays, and purchases along with a lot more contact information.