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  • The #1 iPad Point of Sale Software System

    A Modern POS Solution for iPads, Desktops, and Laptops

    iPads have become powerful business tools. They’ve especially captured the attention of forward-thinking retail store owners who prefer the modern conveniences that an iPad point of sale software system offers over traditional, outdated POS software.
    Whether you’re transitioning to an iPad-based solution for your boutique fashion store, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing computers with the latest in POS technology, Quetzal Point of Sale can help. Our goal is to provide robust POS software that includes a wide range of powerful tools and features to help you run your business better.

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    Innovation and Usability

    • Our iPad point of sale software system was built from the ground up, specifically for iPads, although it’s certainly compatible with laptops and desktops, too. Here are just a few of the many exceptional features you can anticipate:

    • Customer data, sales trends, inventory monitoring, and other useful analytics help you make informed buying decisions and market your products to your target market effectively

    • Employee rewards and incentive tools encourage your staff to sell to their full potential

    • Track your best customers’ buying habits, rank their profitability, and establish better relationships with our customizable loyalty programs

    • The software integrates with your existing e-commerce site and many of the leading, most secure payment processors

    • The software is designed specifically for the iPad, allowing both you and your customers to enjoy a sleek, stylish, and easy-to-use experience

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