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  • Quetzal Goes Where You Go

    The Best POS for Mobile Payments

    Quetzal POS System

    Three ways to pay

    Payment Processors

    Quetzal POS supports many leading payment processors and acquirers for businesses in North America and Europe. PCI DSS compliant processing and commitment to data security allow you to make mobile payments with our POS system with confidence knowing that your transactions are being handled by a company you can trust, and feature the highest security available in the payments industry.

    EMV Security

    EMV Security

    Our mobile payments POS is compatible with EMV chip security. Chip card technology is the most secure protection available against fraud, and provides a safe and convenient transaction for both you and your customers. The additional security also correlates to lower credit rates for your business, plus lower chargebacks.

    Dejavoo Wireless Terminal

    Wireless devices

    Make checkout fast and easy with our mobile POS and payment providers, easy to configure with handheld card readers. Self-discovering WiFi makes for a painless setup, and compatibility with NFC such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, & Samsung Pay will have you and your business staying ahead of the curve.

    Quetzal works hand-in-hand with the very best payment providers to deliver a seamless integrated solution that's robust and secure.

    Built with boutique retail businesses in mind, our POS system was designed to accept mobile payments easily. Now more than ever, your customers expect their transactions to be simple and secure and that’s the peace of mind you’ll get with our integrated EMV, Chip and Pin payment solutions.

    A word on processors

    Quetzal can get you to be seamlessly integrated with most processors in North America. You name it, and we can probably get you there.

    A small part of our revenue comes from alliances with some specific partners in the payment world and we would prefer it if you use one of these partners: EVO, Cayan or SumUp. Really great companies with some hilarious and interesting characters working for them!

    If however, you have a family member, friend (or just a darn good rate!) from another processor, we won't stand in your way from using their services. We'll make sure that your transition to Quetzal is as cool as possible.

    If you are a new retailer and looking for a processor we would be happy to recommend one of our reliable and secure friends with hardware and a budget that will suit you.

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