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Enjoy your time away from the store

With the internet available almost anywhere, you can get piece of mind while you are enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Managing while you are on the sales floor

It's easy to stay in touch with what's happening when you are spending the hours of the day in your boutique. No boutique has ever succeeded without the focussed attention of the owner in the early stages being present. The staff needs to be trained, the customers need to be looked after. It takes time to establish a great reputation.

Work smart

But all that hard work has to pay off. And it has to do so before you 'retire' or sell the store. In order to stay on top of the style and verve that makes your small store popular in the first place, you have to get out there and live! Once the store is up and running with a loyal customer base, your job is actually to have fun. See the world. Expand your horizons.

Bring it all home

The expansion of travel and experience abroad is enlivening. Your customers will feel it. Whether it's a weekend getaway to a neighbouring city or parkland, or a flight to a far-off exotic capital, the effect on your outlook will be profound and will impact your product items choices which your customers will value.

But when the cat's away

Even the best, most trusted manager can lose sight of the goal when you away from the store. The other staff can take opportunity when the boss is out to relax and let the operations slide. It's just natural. That's when things start to go sideways and sales slip, discounts get bigger, up-selling falls short and attention to service and detail can be set aside.

The iPhone portable dashboard is the answer

Quetzal POS's portable iPhone app, the owner's dashboard, let's you see into the operations from wherever you are in real time. Now you will never lose sight of how well the operation is doing, which clerks are selling well and what customers are coming in to buy. In today's world of retail, competition is fierce and survival depends on staying vigilant. The owner's dashboard lets you maintain a successful retail store while enjoying you life too!

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