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    Quetzal Point of Sale makes pricing for POS systems clear, easy, and affordable, with a flat monthly rate, no contracts, free support and zero surprises. We understand that running a business can be complicated which is why figuring out the price for your POS system shouldn’t be.

    Quetzal Price

    Need Hardware?
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    Whether you are a retro vintage dress boutique, a modern accessories store, or a punk boot shop, you want your vibe to be consistent across all your décor and that includes your hardware. Lucky for you, we offer an array of options and integrations with the coolest brands, and our POS system pricing makes outfitting your shop easy and affordable.

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    • Hardware - It's Never Been Better

      It’s a great time to be a fashion shoe and clothing retailer. From pure and practical to elegant yet battle-hardened the world is now filled with great options to accent the image that you want to convey to your customers.

      Already got hardware? Chances are Quetzal supports it.

      Otherwise click here to get it now online.

      Or just get it down the street at an office supply store.

      Quetzal Hardware Support
    • Easiest and Best All-In-One: mPOP from Star Micronics

      Connect it to your iPad with Bluetooth, now you’re working with Quetzal.

      The mPOP combined receipt printer and cash drawer is aesthetically simple and elegant, yet loaded with intuitive design features. At just 10cm high and 30cm wide the mPOP is easily transportable – the only wire is for power.

      Get it here for $18.71 per month:

      Star Micronics mPOP
    • Quetzal Label Printing Options

      Quetzal provides easy barcode printing with industry standards: LAN-based fully integrated Epson TM-L90 (pictured) as well as the Star TSP743.

      The semi-integrated DYMO LabelWriter is a less expensive option for printing right from a desktop PC. Desktop software lets you easily print your own layout directly from a Quetzal export file.

      Quetzal has the perfect solution for your fashion, shoe and clothing POS needs.

      Get it here:

      Quetzal Label Printing Options
    • Quetzal Receipt Printer Options

      Quetzal supports a huge variety of exciting LAN, wifi and bluetooth receipt printers for the fashion shoe and clothing POS retailer:

      – Epson TM88v LAN; Epson TM M30 or M10 (pictured) wifi or LAN;
      – Tysso PRP300 LAN; Tysso PRP250 LAN;
      – Seiko SII RP E-10 LAN;
      – Star TSP650II LAN; Star TSP700II LAN;
      – Star TSP100 FuturePrnt LAN
      – Many other ESC/POS LAN or wifi printers

      Get them here:

      Quetzal Receipt Printer Options
    • iO Stand from iOmounts

      The iOstand™ is the most functional and flexible iPad stand and tablet mount on the market. At Quetzal, we just love it’s simplicity and elegance for conveying a fashion store’s modern style.

      It lifts your device up seven inches and rotates in any direction for the perfect viewing and scanning angle with Quetzal’s built-in iPad barcode scanning.

      Order it now:

      iO Mounts iO Stand
    • Swivel Stand from Studio Proper

      The ultimate POS stand for iPad and iPad Mini, built with feedback from existing retail boutique customers. The Swivel POS Stand lifts and angles your iPad at the ideal height and pitch, and rotates smoothly 180 degrees for screen sharing with customers.

      The elevated iPad position is perfect for Quetzal’s camera scanner when selling shoes and fashion items.

      Order it now:

      Studio Proper Swivel Stand
    • HecklerDesign Stands and Accessories

      Heckler makes a wide assortment of gear for your boutique countertop. Stands for iPad as well as payment terminals and mPOP as well as scanners and more.

      The perfect combination of security and good looks is suitable for most stylish clothing and shoe fashion boutiques.

      Buy it now:

      Heckler Design Stands
    • Quetzal Scanner Options

      Quetzal uses the iPad’s on-board camera to scan barcodes. This is ideal for the start-up fashion boutique.

      For added convenience Quetzal will work with most Bluetooth handheld barcode scanners.

      – Socket Mobile Socketscan 800; D750; CHS 7Ci; CHS 7Qi (pictured)
      – Motorola Symbol CS4070
      – Opticon OPN3002i

      Get it here:

      Quetzal Scanner Options

    Other Options

    Do It Yourself

    Don't want to buy hardware from our peeps? Go ahead and source your own. And hook it all up using the documentation in Quetzal's extensive support center.

    Ask us for our current list of certified compatible hardware.

    Use a Professional Reseller

    Feel you're going to need more services? Quetzal has a network of qualified and certified pros who are ready to help. They're friendly and eager to please.

    We're happy to get you in touch with a reseller in your area.

    Ask us about our One-world Pricing

    Quetzal is a business solution intended to help businesses all over the world. When more people can thrive and attain financial security the better a world it is. We provide pricing to customers that aligns with their relative per capita GDP which allows Quetzal to be affordable the world over.

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