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  • 3 More Reasons We Love to Support Small Businesses

    In our last post, we gave you a few reasons why we’re glad to partner with small businesses who are looking for an iPad POS system. Today we’d like to give you three more reasons why we (and you!) should make it a priority to support small businesses.

    • Our iPad POS system is designed for small businesses.If you’ve ever had to get in touch with a big box retail store over the phone, you probably know that it can be a nightmare. You find the time to call, dial the number, wait on hold for half an hour, talk to someone who can’t help you, get transferred, and then maybe the situation gets resolved. If you buy from a small business, it’s as easy as heading back to the store to get great customer service.
    • According to studies done by the Small Business Association, $68 out of every $100 spent with a small business will stay in the community. That means that not only do you get to support someone local who is trying to turn their dream into a reality, but you’re doing your community some tangible good.
    • Here is what may be the best reason—the more you support small businesses in your local community, the more jobs there are going to be. Buying locally delivers you all of the opportunities we previously mentioned while also providing your neighbor with a job.
    If you’re a small business who is in need of an iPad POS system that’s been built from the ground up to make your life easier, Quetzal POS has what you need. We offer a number of different featuresthat are built to help you succeed.