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  • Point of Sale Systems for Retail – 3 Things You Should Know

    You are probably at a point in your retail voyage where you are starting to think more about the technology in starting or upgrading your retail brick and mortar store. Hopefully, this can help you a little during this process and give you some things to think about.

    1. Choose the Right POS

    To start, I’d always begin with the POS or Point of Sale software. You should determine what your checkout area is going to look like (though in high-end fashion, it may be hidden) and what experience you want to offer your customers. If you are not techy, we believe that the only option is an iPad POS or iPad Point of Sale system for retail. It’s the easiest to use, generally cloud-based, and most attractive visually and financially, plus it doesn’t date your business model. PCs are the old way of doing things. Even if it’s a tablet. iPads are the only way to go — trust us as the leaders in this space.

    2. Pick Your Processor

    Once you’ve chosen your point of sale system for retail, then start looking into processing. Processing may be the first thing you are looking for, but that’s completely backwards. Find your POS and then find a good processor that is integrated with the point of sale. So many retailers start with going to a bank and getting business advice. Let’s be frank here, your bank knows nothing about your space or being an entrepreneur, except that they want to make as much money off of you as possible. Do not take their POS or processing advice. The POS always dictates the processor, because you want the systems tied together for reporting purchases. Hint: try to find payment devices that work with Apple Pay or NFC (the generalized term for Paypal and Android Pay).

    3. Get Your Gear

    Found your processor? Now let’s look at the equipment that you want. Buy the least amount of equipment and try to be as green as possible. eReceipts are a great way to go and are being adopted much more. I’d look at Heckler Designs and Studio Proper for iPad Stands, look at Epson’s line of printers built for iPads (m10 and m30). Star Micronics has a combo cash-drawer and receipt printer called an mPOP, which is pretty slick as well. For more traditional cash-drawers, don’t get too stressed: almost any drawer that can connect to a printer will work. Most cash drawers are actually wired directly into the receipt printer and opened through the printer and its communication with the iPad. Barcode scanners that are Bluetooth will work with almost any iPad POS application, but most people prefer the brand Socket Mobile (we recommend the Socket Mobile 7Ci). If you are going to be printing some or all of your labels (tags for some people) then Zebra is probably who you will end up selecting. They have the ZD410 series which is absolutely incredible. With our iPad point of sale solution, you can print 2x1, 1x1 and Jewelry labels — and it’s a piece of cake. Please don't confuse DYMO as being an ideal label printer for a retail store. I could give you many reasons why, but just know that you will never regret saving time and it will save you a lot of it in the future. Last note on the equipment side: find equipment that aligns with your branding and store design. Hide as much equipment as possible. Why would you place a cash drawer on the counter? Try to place it below the counter. Epson’s mobile focused receipts printers (m10 and m30) can be placed under the counter too, because they can print out the top or front of the printer. Pretty smart on their part.

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    An iPad POS or Mobile Point of Sale is the easiest to setup and maintain — a DIY project anyone can handle. Even if you would never consider yourself a tech-savvy person, we help customers every day and they are always surprised with how easy it is to set up their point of sale system for retail. If you have questions, please feel free to email me: