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  • Why an iPad POS System?

    Why an iPad POS system? Because we’re huge fans of the iPad. It’s as simple as that!

    Here are the top five reasons that an iPad POS system is a great choice for your store.

    Why use an iPad POS system in your clothing store?
    1. Everyone knows how to use an iPad. The fact that they’re so simple to use means that even those who aren’t familiar with the way an iPad works can pick it up and figure it out within a matter of minutes.
    2. They work with the wi-fi in your store. If you’re willing to pay per month, you can also get your iPad connected to a mobile network. Keep in mind though that Quetzal is known for its incredible offline capabilities so you can go off the grid!
    3. Its size makes it great for a store. Larger than a cell phone, more portable than a laptop, and easy to display simply on your countertop, an iPad’s size makes it the best of all worlds.
    4. There are a number of other apps that you can take advantage of as well. With so many choices, finding the perfect combination of apps that work well for your business has never been easier. Ring up a transaction, send a tweet, and video chat with clients all from your iPad.
    5. You can take it with you onto the sales floor. Enjoying a conversation with a good customer? You don’t have to walk back to the register and end the conversation. Quetzal features customer tracking so you can engage with them directly.

    There you have it. The top five reasons we think that an iPad POS system makes sense whether you’re in the clothing business, the shoe business, or something else entirely.