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  • The Best Small Business Point of Sale Software System

    Cloud-Based POS Solution Designed for iPad

    If you run a retail fashion outlet, or any type of specialty boutique, you know that the details matter. Everything from the products you stock to the decorations on the walls make a difference, so it’s not surprising that more forward-thinking storeowners are upgrading to Quetzal Point of Sale’s small business point of sale software, which offers featured designed specifically for your small to medium retail operation.

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    Why Use Quetzal POS Software?

    • Using the right POS solution is essential to the success of any modern retail business. We’re proud to offer an all-encompassing software suite that includes a myriad of features you won’t find anywhere else. We created this software from the ground up, specifically with small fashion boutique and other specialty retail businesses in mind.

      If you’re still relying on outdated POS software, it’s time for an upgrade. Here’s what you can expect from our cutting-edge small business point of sale software:

    • Integration with your online store through Shopify

    • Our cloud-based software provides offline capabilities to keep your business up and running in times of slow or no internet connection

    • Can be used to manage your business across multiple locations

    • Powerful real-time customer information for effective marketing, including Mailchimp integration

    • Sales and inventory management tools, with smart suggestions for product reorders and discounts

    • Works alongside the world’s best and most secure payment processors, including EVO

    • Advanced analytics help visualize buying trends to ensure that you’re always on top of the latest trends for clothing, shoes, and accessories

    • Designed specifically for iPad, providing a fast and dependable experience, while also compatible with your desktop and laptop browser

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    Don’t Take Our Word for It…

    If you’re currently relying on the same outdated POS systems being used in big-box retailers and restaurants, you’re missing out on a world of limitless potential. Our small business point of sale software is designed specifically to help small fashion boutiques to succeed it’s that simple. Request your free demo to learn more about Quetzal POS today.

    For sales inquiries, please feel free to call 760-783-5000, and for all other inquiries, call 760-870-1206. There’s no denying that the POS system you depend on every day directly affects your store’s overall profitability.

    Elevate your boutique store with Quetzal small business point of sale software today.