The Quetzal Difference

Q: What about price?


$99 +  per month

- Limits on numbers of items and people

- Additional extra charges

- Prices rise every year


$75 per month ($60 when you buy it by the year)

- You get the whole thing, no limits. Read on to find out how we can do this ... and they can't.

- We have held the price steady for years!

Q: What about the product?



- Ever-changing layout and customer base

- Constant bugs, patches and fixes necessary

- Massive support department costs




- No more big feature development

- Very stable, very reliable, bug-free software

- Almost zero support costs

- no update fatigue here: last update was in 2018 


Q: What about you as a company?


Venture Capital Funded

- Big returns expected by investors

- Continuous expansion into all markets


- Product development focus is on getting ever more new customers


- Bigger operations and expenses passed onto their customers

- Most maintain customer growth through spending with year-over-year losses


A Small Team Making a reasonable living

- We target ONLY small specialty and fashion retailers. We always will. 


- Product improvements are directed at our EXISTING customers.


- Massively scaleable software lets us stay lean and pass on the savings to our customers.

- We're proud to say that Quetzal made a modest profit in 2018


Q: What about marketing?


MASSIVE Advertising Budgets

- Impressive yet costly websites.

- The product is less important than getting new customers of all kinds.

- Multi-layered corporate hierarchy of highly-paid executives supported by ever-rising prices


ZERO Advertising Budget

- All our customers are referred by friends or find us by doing a diligent search on the internet.

- We don't waste our time on marketing slogans and spin.

- Massively scaleable software lets us stay lean and pass on the savings to our customers.


We may not be big, but we're small!