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Marketing 101: Don't talk about features, talk about benefits.

... er, nope. Here are the features. We know you'll see the benefits!

But first, look at just how easy it is:

Take a quick guided tour and get to know how a simple and powerful POS for your retail store is supposed to work ...

And now the list of (most) features


  • Completely accessible from an iPad and all web browsers

  • Multiple locations

  • Simple intuitive navigation of all screens

  • Rights management to each screen, Email and PIN based authentication

  • On-the-fly language change in app

  • Live updates from multiple locations

  • In-app access to support centre


  • Multiple user accounts

  • Search users by name or email, apply special user labels

  • Up to 10 locations

  • 3 Taxes, VAT and Rounding

  • Customizable number and date formatting, currency symbol and position

  • Customizable Receipts

  • Integrated payment options and Sidecar payment options

  • Support for receipt and label printers


  • Up to 10,000 items and 2,000,000 SKUs

  • Item name and note fields, color/size style matrix

  • Convert existing item to matrix item

  • Up to 20 sizes and 10 colors

  • Scancode and Internal code for each color/size

  • Set price and track cost per size

  • Tag items for finding, filtering and reporting

  • Emoji support for item names and tags

  • Inventory tracking per SKU

  • Inventory adjust with notation

  • Item label printing and en masse label printing

  • Automatic SKU generation

  • Recent sales graph per item

  • Search for items by name, note, price, tag, or code

  • Intuitive tag combination picker

  • Sort tags alphabetically or by popularity

  • Tag based tax exemptions

  • Support for brand tags

  • System generated tags

The Terminal

  • PIN in for quick access; Quick user switch

  • Offline transactions

  • Thermometer visualization of daily progress

  • Create up to 100 in-progress new transaction

  • Manage transactions, receipts and transaction history with users

  • Add ledger items to transaction

  • Ledger item details

  • Apply and organize multiple discounts systems

  • Apply and track various tax exemptions

  • Payments

  • Split payment across multiple tenders

  • Automatically calculated balance

  • Keypad to enter manual payment amount

  • Built-in store credit refunds / payments

  • Integrated credit and debit payments

  • Card swipe, secure chip and PIN and NFC (with supported payment integration)

  • Manual card input (with supported payment integration)

  • Offline payments (with supported payment integration)

  • Online status indicator

  • Remove payments

  • Refund payment to credit card

  • Onscreen signature capture

  • Automatically printed payment receipts

  • Customer and Merchant copies

  • Review payment details

  • Reprint payment receipts

  • Cash payments with integrated cash drawer

  • Manager open cash drawer on demand

  • Sidecar credit, debit, gift card tracking

  • Integration with Moneris

  • Integration with RoamPay

  • Integration with Mercury

  • Integration with Cardsmith

  • Receipts

  • QR Code for digital receipt on smartphone

  • Email receipt option

  • Generate new customer account from email receipt option

  • Printed sales and payment receipts on demand

  • Custom logo and footer messages

  • Living receipt, available online at secure URL

  • Customer Accounts

  • Create new customer accounts

  • Name, contact info, note, thumb ranking

  • Search existing customers by name, note or contact info

  • Export search-filtered list of customers and their details

  • View customer account store credit balance

  • Over 2000 possible avatars with avatar builder

  • Associate a customer with any sale

  • Auto email receipt to configured customer email address

  • Phone number and email address auto-detection

  • Last 365 day sales graph of customer revenue

  • Tag cloud visualization of customer purchase habits

  • Complete chronological customer purchase history with total

  • Customer integration with cardsmith account

  • Check customer's cardsmith account balance

  • Associate gift card with customer account

  • Terminal Reports

  • Today's sales summary

  • Today's transaction history

  • Manager reprint sales receipt for any transaction

  • Search for transaction by Item, User, Customer, Transaction Number

  • Review on screen signature for transaction

  • Retrieve Living Receipt online via QR Code

  • Link a back display

  • Support for 5 lanes per location


  • Calendar Selector

  • Advanced Report Filtering

  • Standard View Modes and Exporting

  • Metrics Reporting

  • What do I buy

  • Inventory valuation

  • Daily summary

  • Daily transaction details

  • Tax breakdown

  • Payment activity

  • Stale Inventory

  • History Reports

  • Pick multiple historical dates

  • All history reports viewable as bar graph, line graph or sortable table

  • Optionally stack graph series

  • Trend lines available when not stacked

  • Graph any two reports simultaneously

  • Revenue, Cost, Profit, Inventory Sold, Discounts, Taxes, Payments and more

  • Group series by Location, User, Item, Size or Color

  • Zoom in on graphs

  • Enable / Disable series on the fly

  • Customer Reports

  • Pick multiple historical dates

  • All customer reports viewable as bar graph, line graph or sortable table

  • Optionally stack graph series

  • Trend lines available when not stacked

  • Graph any two reports simultaneously

  • Revenue, Cost, Profit, Inventory Sold and Taxes

  • Zoom in on graphs

  • Enable / Disable series on the fly

  • Grouped by customer

  • Optionally include customer details

  • Easily generate mailing list from exported data

Sales and Support Inquiries: 760-783-5000



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