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iPad Point of Sale for Retail

We may not be big, but we're small.
Simple. Modern. Retail POS.

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  • Built with you in mind

    Quetzal POS is a cloud based iPad POS system designed to help small business owners like you take your specialty retail stores to the next level. You will get a product that is staying mission-specific: providing the best POS for small boutiques. Period. New software built after 20 years of boutique retailer’s sugggestions, guidance, and wisdom, Quetzal has become a highly sophisticated yet ever-so-simple point of sale software that is perfectly suited for your specialty retail store. For the best small boutiques. Period.

    “We have great software and we’re letting it stay that way. Service is what we do.”


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    With Quetzal POS, you’re getting an iPad POS System that not only understands your needs, but anticipates them in order to help you take your speciality retail business to the next level.

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    Big box software technology for small box or boutique and specialty retail stores

    Focused Features

    • Best Offline Capabilities

      Quetzal iPad POS lets you take your POS anywhere and will let you make transactions on or off the grid without limitations. For clothing or shoe (fashion) stores this helps for trunk and tents sales events.

    • Integrated e-commerce

      E-Commerce integration made simple with Shopify. Make selling your fashion or specialty goods simple. It's so simple that you'll be selling your clothing (apparel), shoes (footwear) or related fashion items in moments.

    • Customer Tracking

      Quetzal iPad POS gives you this powerful customer information, real-time, from all locations, and you can export this data to engage with your customer directly. In the fashion space you must be able to market with purchasing intelligence to your customers.

    • Up to 10 Locations

      Managing one store to profitability is hard; managing several requires real skill and a well-crafted information system. Quetzal iPad POS is built for your exact needs in the fashion, or closely related specialty retail space.

    • Inventory & Sales Management

      Know what you sell, how fast it sells and what you should be buying for next season - all at a glance. Purchasing for a clothing , shoe or specialty retail store can be very complex, but with Quetzal iPad POS we provide suggestions on what to buy based on velocity of sales, plus what to discount based on stale inventory items.

    • Integrated Payments

      EMV payments are integrated with several different processor options to choose from. Quetzal iPad POS has many integrations with leading payment processors; all of which support EMV payments, Apple Pay, NFC payments, plus so much more.

    • Analytics & Buying Trends

      Every retailer knows that profit is made when you buy. Quetzal's powerful tools help you to buy smart. Don't make your fashion-based shoe, clothing, or specialty goods store difficult to run, look to Quetzal iPad POS to help with some of the tough decisions.

    • Designed First for iPad

      Every part of Quetzal's cloud-based point of sale, is in the iPad app. We think the iPad is the first and best platform ever for retail. We know you'll agree. Being designers in the fashion, or relative retail vertical, you'll agree that an iPad looks so much cooler than a huge PC sitting at the cash-wrap.

    Measure your progress, moment to moment

    Quetzal's use of the most modern databasing technology allows for unprecedented analysis of your clothing and shoe (or related) operations. Being able to slice and dice your info is what Quetzal's reporting does best. Plus, you can export it easily for further analysis.

    Engage your customer, don’t just up-sell

    Quetzal iPad POS provides powerful visual representations as to your customer's buying habits: what they like the most, and when they come in to shop. Your customer already likes you for the product choices you offer, now they will like you even more for the personal touch you and your staff give them. In clothing and shoe stores, this is critical information and will lead to increased sales. Your most expensive assets are your customers, not your inventory.

    Reward Success

    Your team deserves to be recognized for the good work they do while selling your beautifully selected clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Now you can clearly understand just how effective they are as individuals and as a team. Quetzal cloud-based iPad POS helps keep the team focused on selling - and let's them have fun doing it!

    Take action, with real knowledge

    This season, send out an email specifically targeted at only your customers who like that rare clothing, shoe or fashion accessory brand that you bring in for them. Invite them in to get first crack at that new fashion trend. They will love you even more for it.

    Quetzal philosophy: fit right

    We are a small team, comfortable and confident that we are among the very top in this crowded and competitive field. How we come together with our customers has more to do with their own outlook, size strategy, and business goals than our own marketing hokus-pokus. No matter what particular vertical niche they inhabit, we strive to accept customers that are a great fit. We only want a good fit.

    This is why our customers love us and we can enjoy a nice peaceful life too. This also allows us to stay small and lean and provide a top quality service at a reasonable price.

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    At every level of app design, Quetzal stands above its competitors, from the way it implements the functions you know you need, to the way it gives you features you didn’t know you wanted.