A Different type of iPad Point of Sale for Retail

Simple. Modern. Retail POS.


We help retailers keep their customers.

Quetzal's customers thrive

Retailers closed 250 million square feet of space in the last two years.  So far in 2019, 4,000 more stores will close.

Meanwhile, Quetzal customers are growing:

By knowing the customer

By rewarding loyalty

By responding quickly to trends

By sharing the love!

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A Different Approach

Quetzal is not like any other retail system. Our focussed approach provides

the best price for the best product.




... and we pass the savings on to you

You're on to something there


You've got a style all your own


You've got a captivating location


You've got an intuition for what's working


Time to make sure you're maxing out your profits.

The Quetzal profile: your customers appreciate you and will always come back.


Unlike larger chains, your store has value for them that they simply can't get by shopping alone at home.


Quetzal protects you from the online threat and allows you to thrive.

All the features you need 

Ideal for clothing, shoes, fashion, specialty retail stores​ 


Quetzal POS is a cloud based iPad POS system designed to help small business owners like you take your specialty retail stores to the next level. You will get a product that is staying mission-specific: providing the best POS for small boutiques. Period.


1. No contract; Notwithstanding the social contract: we’ll love you and you’ll love us!

2. No setup fee; the easier it is for you, the easier it is for us.

3. Free support; duh.

4. 100% Venture Capital free; We work (and price!) for you and a little bit us, not the man.

And now Quetzal goes where you go.

Introducing the owner's dashboard.


Real time comfort.

Focused Features for retail plus:

Best Offline Capabilities

Quetzal iPad POS lets you take your POS anywhere and will let you make transactions on or off the grid without limitations. For clothing or shoe (fashion) stores this helps for trunk and tents sales events. Quetzal is even working on ship stores in Antarctica!

Integrated e-commerce

E-Commerce integration made simple with Shopify. Make selling your fashion or specialty goods simple. It's so simple that you'll be selling your clothing (apparel), shoes (footwear) or related fashion items in moments.

Customer Focus

Quetzal iPad POS gives you this powerful customer information, real-time, from all locations, and you can export this data to engage with your customer directly. Today, you must be able to market with purchasing intelligence to your customers.

Get your staff in the game

Quetzal staff leader board.png

the leaderboard really works!


Quetzal philosophy: fit right

We are a tight-knit team, comfortable and confident that we are among the very top in this crowded and competitive field. How we come together with our customers has more to do with their own outlook, size strategy, and business goals than our own marketing hokus-pokus. No matter what particular vertical niche they inhabit, we strive to accept customers that are a great fit. We only want a good fit.

This is why our customers love us and we can enjoy a nice peaceful life too. This also allows us to stay small and lean and provide a top quality service at a reasonable price.

We don't spend money on advertising; You made it here organically. Congratulations, and thank you.

QUETZAL is a hit! - 5 stars all the way

We're proud to be loved


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At every level of app design, Quetzal stands above its competitors, from the way it implements the functions you know you need, to the way it gives you features you didn’t know you wanted.


... and more ...

"I've been a Quetzal customer since the beginning of Quetzal and have seen the ups (and downs!) of the development of the product. These last couple of years it has been totally solid and the many staff I have had over the years have learned it quickly - glad I stuck around"

-- Melanie, NYC

Customer since 2013

"We've been in the high-end shoe business for 20-plus years. As a veteran retailer nothing beat my old DOS system ... until Quetzal came along! I never knew it could be so easy."

-- Shayla, NJ

Customer since 2016

"These guys really went out of their way to make sure that we got up and running. Opening after the hurricane, without a label printer, they even printed all our labels for us and shipped them to us next day. Real service!"

-- Amanda, Fla

Customer since 2017